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About Causeway.

Causeway started as an online platform that connected unmet needs with people who wanted to help -- a website where people with ideas could drum up funding and support, and those who wanted to help could decide how to pitch in. 

If you are already doing great things for Huntsville, we want to highlight your project and give you the opportunity to receive more funding and resources. If you are looking for ways to do great things for Huntsville, we want to help share your cause with our local community. 

a. causeway is a startup, in nearly every sense of the word.

b. causeway is also a new kind of charity­­ one whose goal is to make it easy for Huntsvillians to help other Huntsvillians and to help the community to help itself. it’s also a startup and a work in progress (thus the “beta” language), and, with your​ h​elp,​ it will keep getting better. Here are some of the who­, what,where and hows:

c. who

d. what

e. when

f. where

g. why

h. how (watch a quick intro here)

i. anything else?