How It Works

Causeway is about the power of people taking action for a better city. We have a variety of programs and platforms designed to help you take action and get your idea off the ground.



Share an idea. Whether you're identifying a problem or proposing a solution, we want to hear about it! Share your dreams for our city with us. We exist to help you change things.

Contribute to a Cause. Take a look through the causes posted on our website. Some need a few funders, some need materials, and some just need your time. Connect with people who share your hopes for our city, and help them complete their cause. 


Post a cause online. We need thinkers and creators to make this community go 'round. We have a network waiting to help you turn your idea into action. Post a cause on our website and rally a crowd to donate their money, time, skills or materials. Thanks to our sponsors, we wave the credit card fees, passing 100% of what you raise directly to your cause.