Causeway Huntsville 100% Pass Through Donations

Causeway Huntsville 100% Pass Through Donations
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23.30% to goal

23.30% to goal


Causeway Huntsville is a new startup and we need some funding to accomplish our goals.  One of those goals is to be able to give 100% of the money raised for causes to the organization that started the cause.  Believe it or not, the process of accepting and giving money has some costs.  The purpose of this cause is to raise seed money that will cover the cost of the PayPal fees associated with processing donations so that 100% of the money raised goes to support the cause.  

We believe that Huntsville wants to support local organizations through donations of time, money, and expertise.  We want to be the vehicle in which the community provides that support.  Your donation will allow us to fully accomplish that goal.  

Who Would Benefit From Addressing This Cause

All cause makers will benefit by receiving 100% of donations made to their cause.

Team Leaders

Causeway Huntsville was started by a dedicated group of individuals. They are: Robert Curtis, Ashley Dinges, DeMarco McClain, Kinsey Lindstrom, Anna Spear, and Les Tillery. Together, we are working hard to provide a platform in which needs can be met by the local community.

Leadership Qualities

Huntsville is our business
local, local, local

When It Should Get Started

The cause should begin right away!

When It Should Be Finished

This cause is ongoing. We waive the pay pal fees, passing 100% of what is raised directly to the cause.

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